Company’s Profile

The company was established 12 years ago, and its origins were inspired by the idea which came just from life and the first decade of changes in the national economy.The basic reserves of companies have been used up, further development and corporation’s competiveness required changes in management format and techniques in our country.We decided to participate in this process, both because of the duty and the competence which the young but already experienced team possessed.

All the years of the company operating have confirmed that our missions and strategies have been correct, giving us great satisfaction from taking part in our customers' companies success, and it let us develop our company in an intended way. There are now thirty specialists of different specializations who are experts in their fields and a significant group of co-workers with experience in major corporations and owing recognized scientific achievements.
Our work priority is to effectively solve problems and overcome the barriers faced by our clients. Sometimes these are proposals of changes in work organization, and sometimes changes in technology or business model, often turning on the company’s reserves.
It happens that the optimal solution of the problem is to use IT tools. In this area we cooperate with major suppliers in the market (Microsoft, Comarch, F-secure) having the highest levels of partnership, our own team of web designers and programmers can fulfill almost every challenge.

We strive for perfection and always get the aims of the projects in a way that its beneficent could achieve the anticipated effects, and without any hesitation sign a reference letter.

Our customers’success makes that wetreat our work with passion, enthusiasm and commitment, and customers’ representatives being a  part of mixed project teams, are still in close touch with us, not only because we have the best coffee in Gdynia.

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